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Apr 23, 2019 03:41:29

Ice Princess -- pt 15

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I haven't seen Sunny since the day we moved in... or only I moved into our room. She stopped by for literally ten minutes that day to tell me that she wouldn't be staying in the dorm and I should feel free to use all the space in it. That felt like ages ago, I felt like an entirely different person now. And yet I recognized her instantly in the hall.

It's funny because there are people I've met a dozen times last semester who I struggle to recognize now. But something about Sunny reminds me of being greeted by a close friend.

She asks if she can come in. I make tea for the two of us.

"Thank you."

"My pleasure. So what brings you back to our home." I spread my arms out to the room sarcastically.

"I came because I had to ask you a favor."


"I thought of emailing you, but then I thought I shouldn't be so impersonal. And then when I tried to text you, I had gotten a new phone and no longer had your number."

"That makes sense. So what can i do for you?"

"Well it's nothing you really need to do for me. More, just I would like to ask that I spend this weekend here."

"Of course."

"That wouldn't be too much of a bother for you?"

"No. You have just as much right to the room as me. I'm sorry that I've put all my stuff every--"

She raises her hand, "no I told you to do that. You did no wrong there. I'll be bringing a sleeping bag so I can just sleep on the spare bed."

"Yeah. I'll move all the clothes off the top of it."

"Haha that would be helpful." she smiles at me. "I'll be back later with the sleeping bag." She begins walking back to the door. I ask her if she still has her key. She takes it out of her purse and shows it to me.

"Okay. I might not be here when you come back, but feel free to move anything around and make yourself at home whenever you arrive."

"No problemo. Thanks, Talia."

After she's gone, I remember that I was just about to leave when Sunny showed up. I walk over to the window to watch the roundabout driveway leading up to Wilburn Hall. I see Sunny get into a black high-end European sedan. I put my coat and hat back on. As I'm about to head to the door, I notice that Sunny's tea cup is full.

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