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Aug 02, 2019 14:31:45

I thought cold calling was dead 

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Julia Saxena

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Today, my phone rang ... 

That was kind of surprising because nobody has that number. 

I use this sim card only when I'm in Germany ... so for a couple of weeks per year. 

It was a random number calling ... and I already suspected what that could be about. 

So I picked up. 

Immediately, a guy started to introduce himself and the company he was calling from. It was so fast and clearly scripted that I didn't understand a thing. 

He knew my name and wanted to confirm that I'm indeed this person. I said yes, that's me. 

Then he said something along these lines...

"We could help you save up to 20% on your electricity bill. So, saving money ... is this something you're interested in?"

I had to laugh so hard ...

Every sales person who's ever written these kind of scripts for cold calls has apparently read the book "Getting to Yes." It's a famous negotiation book that basically tells you that you have to get your counterpart to say yes. When someone is in a "yes" mindset, they'll also say yes to your ultimate proposal.


It doesn't work ... anymore...

I guess it did work at some point. Otherwise these cold callers would never have been successful ever. 

But right now ... it simply feels insulting to get asked a trick questions where the answer has to be an obvious yes. 

So I said "No, I'm not interested in saving money AT ALL." 

And hung up...

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    @juliasaxena - I don't think the book was getting to Yes. :-) That book was more about finding the 3rd option that nobody could think of -- and being calm during negotiations ( been a long time since I read that book )

    Of course, many other "sales" books were about getting the prospect nodding in agreement.

    I could be wrong about getting to Yes, but sales and negotiations are different and this guy was selling not negotiating.

    How I like to respond to these folks ( having done cold-calling before ) -- is just say, "Hey man, you're time is valuable. You're not going to get any money out of me, so you might want to grab the next number -- oh, and take me off the call list please."

    That last part is important. They should then remove you. Whether they do or not is a different story ;-)

    What you don't want, is a disgruntled worker adding your number to a bunch of other call lists. :-D

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 02, 2019 14:36:18
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      @brianball Oh thanks for pointing that out. Could be that I remember it wrong. I feel for the people having to do those cold calls. That would be one of my least favorite jobs.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Aug 03, 2019 13:48:25
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      @juliasaxena - it's definitely a lame job, but you learn things:

      The problem is, the script. They want you to jump right in -- because they're kind of looking for a certain kind of person. The fact that you self-select OUT immediately is fine for them, it does require a thick-skin to hear possibly nice sounding voices on the other end tell you to go jump in a lake. :-)

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 03, 2019 13:53:09
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