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Jun 14, 2019 19:49:00

I shared a house with 50 people

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I used to live in the biggest shared house in Germany. It's an old office building in a central location in Düsseldorf that has been converted to a community.

The house has 10 rooms on each floor over 5 floors. Each floor has a separate male and female bathroom and washer and dryer. There's a huge kitchen with several fridges and freezers, a long kitchen table, two TV rooms, an outdoor terrasse with a BBQ, a little spa with a hot tub, a big storage room, and a gym. 

Many people ask me something like "Isn't this too noisy, too many people around you all the time, too dirty, too hectic, too little personal space, too ....?"

I agree that this isn't for everyone, but for many, it's the perfect solution. 

For people who are new in town or only there for a couple of months - the perfect place to make friends. 

For people who have just broken up with their partner and had to move out of the apartment - the perfect place to get over it and maybe even find someone new. 

For people who just don't like living alone - the perfect place to always have someone to hang out with. 

It also works because there are rules in place. For example, you have to be between 20 and 35 to live there. There's a sort of interview, in the beginning, to make sure you fit in. Everyone has assigned tasks to help around the house and keep everything running smoothly (from taking out the trash to ordering toilet paper). 

I really enjoyed my time there! It was never boring. Always something going on. And I can imagine that this concept would be successful in other cities and parts of the world as well. 

Here's the website which has some pictures.

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