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Apr 01, 2019 20:22:53

I feel stupid

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Julia Saxena

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After thinking and procrastinating for a couple of months, I've finally taken the first steps to set up my own website yesterday. 

I've got my domain name, the hosting, installed Wordpress, picked a theme, uploaded a demo, and can now start entering the content. 

This was not a straightforward process for me though, especially the last bits. 

I feel so stupid when I'm in Wordpress trying to figure out how to do this or that. It's confusing - for now. 

It's been a while since I've felt this way. Usually, new technology or software doesn't intimidate me. I've managed to work with everything I ever encountered so far. 

But Wordpress DOES intimidate me. I'm scared to "break things", which I've already managed to do and I had to reset everything because I couldn't figure out how to go back or fix it. 

I've got a lot to learn. It's fun though. I feel challenged which motivates me, even more, to get on top of this. I'll make Wordpress my bitch! 

Every day of this week, I'm going to work on my site. I've set the goal for myself to launch it this weekend. No more procrastination and overthinking. Just simple action! 

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    @juliasaxena I feel this way too everytime I install a new and different theme to a Wordpress site, so you're definitely not alone in this! My go-to solution is always to make sure theme support from the author is great, so that whatever questions I have about how to customize the theme can be answered...

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 01, 2019 19:31:44
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      @jasonleow That's a great tip :) thanks! It's a lot of learning by doing.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 02, 2019 20:33:32
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      @juliasaxena @jasonleow If Wordpress is the gold standard for website creation/design, we need a new gold standard from the maker community. Then again, the makers are the ones getting paid to create websites for other people, so it would not benefit them to create a tool that allows non-technical people to create websites easily on their own.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 02, 2019 07:28:48
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      @juliasaxena @brandonwilson I think there's already some serious contenders for a new gold standard for makers! Carrd.co is one. Otherwise, a combo of webflow, coda and zapier can do most MVPs. The no-code movement is fast gaining steam

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 03, 2019 19:45:25
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      @jasonleow @brandonwilson I'm glad about that! There's hope for me :)

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 04, 2019 21:21:00
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