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Mar 24, 2019 22:01:38

How to treat myself on the weekend

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Saturday and Sunday are the two days to take breaks guiltlessly. The worst thing is each weekend I have to make a choice whether to relax totally or to make use of the time to fix some work left behind. Most of the time, the results of my contradiction is I failed to do either.

What is the best thing to treat myself to feel better for the next five-day productive work? It's a question my AI chatbot keeps asking me. I am not sure. Maybe watching a video like a film or a TV episode, because I always do some listening, reading, writing and programming, but watching videos is always my last choice. It's quite time-consuming by conquering full of your sight and attention. Maybe someone should balance his way to gain information between all the media formats to stay open and healthy mentally. Compared, watching videos is the most socialized way, reading books is the most private way.

Back to the topic of how to treat myself at the weekend. Weekends come and slip away quickly, and next week begins. It's a horrible cycle. To end this cycle and this post,  I come up with one solution: plan before weekends, relaxing doesn't equal to wasting time on low-quality entertainments.

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