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Feb 22, 2019 16:37:58

How to take more action

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In one of my last posts, I talked about the need to take more action and stop the overthinking. @brandonwilson challenged me to come up with concrete steps on how one can actually do that. 

After I've thought about it for a couple of days (there it is again!), here is the process I would follow:

- Create a to-do list and an idea list that's easily accessible. I use Wunderlist and Trello for desktop and smartphone. 

- When you think of something that you want to do or try out, add it immediately to your to-do list. Even better, schedule it into your calendar if you already know when you want to do it. 

- When you think of ideas or something that could be useful someday, add it to your idea list. 

(I've found that if something is not written down, it will likely never happen.)

-  Visit your to-do and idea lists daily and decide on what items you want to focus on today. 

- Always start with the most difficult task. Get it done as quickly as possible or at least take the first step. You're not allowed to get distracted with social media before you haven't at least accomplished something of value. 

- Once a week, look at your lists in-depth and decide which items to delete because they are not such good ideas after all. That's how your lists won't get out of hand. 

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    @juliasaxena It looks like you have a plan for transforming your ideas from nouns to verbs. https://200wordsaday.com/words/change-your-idea-from-a-noun-to-a-verb-101925c7015deacff8. I do have a suggestion regarding which task should be done first. There is one school of thought that suggests starting with an easy task. Getting small wins helps build momentum and motivation to tackle the more difficult tasks. I tend to agree with this approach. That said, if it works for you to tackle the most difficult task first to have it out of the way, then might as well do what works well for you.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 22, 2019 09:19:59
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