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Jul 04, 2019 06:59:33

How to succeed: fail a lot.

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One of the interesting tweet I saw from Sahil Lavingia ( the CEO from Gumroad ) recently.

How to make a really good painting: make a few hundred really bad paintings.
How to write a really good article: write a few dozen really bad articles.
How to succeed: fail a lot.

It really takes a lot of fail to success, overnight success most of the times are marketing purpose. It just that no one like to report about how you grind and failure, people prefer good news and suddenly pop up success. That's why media wrap up those success case with some twist and make it look like an overnight success.

A good example for myself, start trying to build products since 2018, until today my product hunt launch never more than 50 votes, there is the case that I launch a product for half of the years but no member signup at all. 

I even have a self-doubt moment and think not everyone can be Maker until I won the runner up in Maker Festival and gain my 15 minutes of fame. The small success motivated me to continue to build.

When there are people ask me how to succeed? my answer will be -  fail a lot and don't give up if you sure this is what you want.

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    @knight "Failing a lot" also means success is an iterative process. Each failure makes a better iteration for the next round.

    So, how to accelerate iterating to success? I was inspired by another great tweet: "Shrink the quantum of experience: instead of reading a book, read a Wikipedia article. Instead of eating a cup of ice cream, eat a spoonful. Decreases turnaround time, which both reduces procrastination and also allows me to decide whether I want to go deeper."

    So, shrinking the quantum of experience to get a quicker 'failure' to learn lessons.
    I have put this principle into a few practices and felt quite good.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 04, 2019 11:47:59
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      @5plus6 interesting! make it a mini step so that the failure won't have a too big impact!

      Knight avatar Knight | Jul 05, 2019 06:35:12
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