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Jun 07, 2019 03:46:37

How to deal with unhelpful thoughts

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Our mind is often our own worst enemy. 

It tricks us into believing things that are (most likely) untrue, confusing thoughts with actual facts (probably my husband is not talking to me right now, not because he's mad at me, but simply because he's concentrated on work).

It dishes out unhelpful thoughts when we need them the least (thanks for reminding me that I'm maybe not qualified before this super important client call, douchebag). 

It makes us feel that our thoughts are hyper-important and the only truth out there (no, they are not).  

The truth is, we are not our thoughts. Especially not the unhelpful ones!

I love this analogy from Eric Barker from his recent blog post:

I see unhelpful thoughts like junk mail. Do you sit down and write a letter back to the sender telling them how awful junk mail is? No. Do you deny its existence? No. You accept it. And then you go do something useful with your time.

We can learn to accept our thoughts without fusing with them. Pushing them away won't help. Those bastards always come back one way or the other. 

Instead, we can notice them as what they are ... stories that our brain tells us. We can choose not to believe them. 

"Silly brain ... making me doubt myself again. You know what? I can do this!"

Give it a try! 

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