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Apr 16, 2019 18:19:16

How to break copy-paste-format-done chain?

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"Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V"  like knee-jerk changes are really depriving my awareness of understanding and memorizing basic items.

Now, I am organing my download documents. The boring part is I have to rename each file with order and title instead of the default name. Usually, I open the document and copy the headline, then close the file and paste it without thinking. But now it's a little different, I am using windows and multiline titles couldn't be pasted fully at once, so I need to open the document again to copy the left. It's horrible to realize that I can't recall the left words and texting them on my own instead of doing copy-paste again.

"Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V" are not two simply productive shortcuts anymore, they are the start of a badly thoughtless and effortless chain: copy-paste-format-done. When using them, my mind is empty. Even while scrolling the mouse to select multiline in order to copy, my brain spends no effort in reading the content at the same time. After pasting, formatting contents also requires no understanding. Only after copy-paste-format job finished, my consciousness would be active again to see what do these thousands of pasted characters make sense. Still, the lazy brain has been empty for so long time that it enjoys lying on the copy contents and editing nothing, then the job is done, in a time wasted and harmful for original creativity way.

How to break copy-paste-format-done chain?

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