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Apr 06, 2019 20:16:02

How the Depth Year is Going Part 2

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Daniel Miller

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Part 1 (March 11)

Not planning on making this a monthly check-in, but I just spent some time creating a database in Notion of all the things I've consumed and March was a little rough.

Yearly count so far: 21 items, not counting some of the things I counted in my last post because I'm not counting office supplies, although I am counting clothing, which I didn't include in my first post on my blog. I also didn't count my subscription to this site in my Notion doc.

5 articles of clothing.

6 books. One mentioned in my last post, provided by my employer, which I allowed for in my initial rules for this game. Also, 5 books is not an accurate count--I'm counting two humble bundle purchases as just two books when they are, in fact, 12 books, although I do not feel any particular urgency to read any of them, they're all technical books and cookbooks. (7 from the "Eat Like a Geek" bundle and 5 from the "Web Programming by O'Reilly" bundle.) I have since, once again, unsubscribed from those oh-so-tempting Humble Bundle emails.

6 records, all off of Bandcamp. (So supporting the artists directly.)

2 computers! One relatively inexpensive Chromebook for my teenager. One gaming laptop for myself and my children, which is having the hardest time getting built and shipped by the manufacturer, much to my consternation. My time to work on curriculum for my summer Minecraft coding camps is running out and I need to test some things on a Windows computer, of which there are currently none in the house.

2 misc items.

Only two items finished. Both short books, one obtained this year (and read in the same day). Currently reading about 3-4 books, one of which I obtained this year, but was free. (Free!) Time on Reddit has gone down dramatically in the last month or so. Time on YouTube has gone down, but not dramatically. :)

No new projects...yet! Just the band event 1-page website, which did turn out to be a significant time investment because of the constant updates, but was time-boxed to the few weeks leading up to the event.

My fiction on this website is turning into a thing. We will see.

I had an artist friend visit from the UK and we're planning on some kind of collaborative art project.

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