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Mar 11, 2019 02:00:08

How's the "Depth Year" Going?

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Daniel Miller

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I've resolved to make this year a "depth year". Here's how I'm doing two months in.

Things I've purchased:

  • New pair of jeans (literally the only thing I've ordered on Amazon this year that wasn't a gift or a household item)
  • One new book (my company actually paid for this, we have a book-a-month policy, and some devs were getting a book I've always wanted to check out, so I jumped on the bandwagon)
  • A mini-fridge for my office, used. If it doesn't fit in my office, the teenager will get it for his bedroom. Hopefully if the latter we will ever see him again.
  • A coat hook in the shape of a bear for my office. I decided I spend most of my waking hours there, I might as well spruce the place up. I still haven't hung it up though.
  • Soundproofing for my office. Ditto.
  • A patron subscription on this site (slightly before making the depth year resolution). I really like this site and want to see it succeed and I have a soft spot for solo entrepreneurs making software on the web.
  • Some icon packs and apps for my Android phone. All under $2, so they're kind of below my threshold for this project. 

I think I'm doing pretty well. I've finished two books, one a digital book by one of my favorite authors, and his only book in the last decade that I know of. That inspired me to pick up his previous book, which I've read once or twice in the past, and I have in hardcopy. The other book was very short, a free book I had downloaded off the internet. In fact, I might have downloaded that this year, which would violate my policy, but honestly I've read longer Wired features.

I've picked back up a really good book on successful marriages that I started last year.

I read less Reddit and watch less YouTube than I used to, but do still consume from those two sources.

I may be forced to buy a new Windows laptop in the near future, to test out some Minecraft things in preparation for our camps this summer.

I've barely played the new game I discovered earlier this year. I haven't picked up any new hobbies. I've had a few ideas for little apps to write, but haven't had any time or inclination to even start to follow through with them. We inherited an electronic drum kit and I've played it a few times, as well as purchased a new part to make the high hat pedal work again. I volunteered to create the website for the teenager's high school band's fundraiser last month.

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