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Feb 19, 2019 12:51:15

How most accounts are hacked by WiFi Sniffing

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Miguel Piedrafita

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Have you lost access to your Twitter, Facebook or Gmail account or does your account now displays a HACKED message? You ask yourself, how could this happen, if you didn’t leave your account open in public places or shared your mobile or PC with a friend or family. There is a simple answer: Your credentials were sniffed.

It happens when you opened your account on an airport, a hotel or any other places that have free WIFI. That innocent boy playing with his PC or his Android tablet was intercepting all the info that the users shared with the router (including passwords, cookies, images…) and saving or editing them.

Most users don’t know this, what makes them a perfect victim.

That’s why some Hackers work to inform the public the best way they can to make sure it doesn’t happen to them

It is very simple:

With a free tool like Zanti (Android), you can replace images or redirect URL to another page. Replacing all images with an info one is the best way to show users the danger of connecting to a “FREE” WIFI.

For example, If I am a normal user that enters Instagram and all the images are replaced with a “YOUR NETWORK IS VULNERABLE” one, I might take my security more in the count.

Always remember, if you use a public WiFi to do something important, ALWAYS use a good VPN like privateinternetaccess.com (it’s a paid service but well worth it) and Betternet.co (which is a free VPN).

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    @m1guelpiedrafita thanks for sharing! can you tell us more about VPNs? :)

    Sara Silva avatar Sara Silva | Feb 19, 2019 12:21:29
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