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May 02, 2019 08:45:07

How I use whatfont and colour picker to design a killer presentation

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This ONE is my pitch and presentation killer hack.

I design my pitches with one psychological trick in mind- familiarity.

I have been pitching clients for some time and I normally copy and paste what has worked in the past. That has changed recently.

A few years back, I pitched a marketing concept to a bank.

The bank executives loved my pitch so much they incorporated their colour schemes in my presentation.

It was a HUGE transformation from what I initially provided and it looked gorgeous under their corporate branding.

Fast forward a few months, I wanted to do an experiment with other clients on the pipeline -- why not create pitches with their company’s colour scheme and branding before I submit a presentation?

How would this work?

Since this was something new I was doing, I had to be a little bit creative and since most of my clients have an online presence including Facebook, Twitter etc., it wasn’t that difficult.

So I searched for tools that would help me capture their colour schemes and fonts they use so that what I design comes close to their corporate branding.

The following tools are useful and they are all FREE:


2.Colour picker

3.Google Slides

I use whatfont chrome extension to pick similar company fonts for the design.

Colour picker chrome extension to pick brand colours that I incorporate in the design. All templates are colour coded with the company’s branding colour scheme.

Google slides for presentation design.

I don’t use their logo.

In short, results have been astounding and this has led to positive meetings with clients — you can immediately see the difference when you’re doing a presentation in front of their team members.

I use a similar method in other materials including budgeted spreadsheets and project timelines.

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    @chacha That's a great tip. Thanks :)

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 02, 2019 03:04:18
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      @juliasaxena You're welcome. I am glad you found this tip helpful

      maginga avatar maginga | May 02, 2019 13:44:56
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