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Apr 07, 2019 23:00:02

How I got hooked Here by @kennyadebimpe

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Mar 28, 2019 07:09:29 @kennyadebimpe 

"Probably Maybe!"

How do I begin?

Never knew something like this exist, got here through a friend stories( HenryAdelegba) and I got hooked. After reading his stories, Was like sharing something here too wouldn't be a bad idea, or what do you think?

I am not a writer but I love expressing my thoughts in words, those that qualify me to be one? Probably Maybe! Sometimes I make mistakes with my tenses, just bear with me, is part of the journey.

Learning everyday to become better.

So Let's go.

What should I share?

Let's start by introducing myself. I'm Kehinde Adebimpe Fagbemi, Animal Science by profession, a beaded jewelry designer by passion.

If I knew I would be designing Jewelry, so why bother studying Animal Science in the first place?

I'm sure, some people might be thinking.

Animal Science is so fun and interesting, I love my course is just rather unfortunate haven't really got much opportunity to practice, Wish I could, wish I am, but would definitely do sooner than I think myself.

So beaded jewelry designing, a big lessons have learnt from this little journey I started in 2018. I will definitely share my journey with you all that's my first step in be coming an entrepreneur( a small business owner preferably)

So sit back as I share my story with you all.

Thanks for reading.

Kenny Adebimpe 

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