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Jun 08, 2019 08:09:21

How competitive is freelancing?

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When I first considered freelancing, I looked into Upwork, because that was the only platform I knew about at that point. 

It seemed super intimidating to me. 

There were so many experienced freelancers who seemed to have it all figured out. It seemed super competitive. 

The job posts were confusing to me, and I had no idea how to approach the clients the right way. 

So I left freelancing alone ... 

It took me a couple of months until I returned to Upwork to finally set up my profile. 

By then, I had discovered freelancetowin.com which had given me a huge confidence booster. 

Especially this article. 

I've adopted the mindset that freelancing is not really competitive at all ... 

There are a ton of clients out there ... all with different jobs for all kinds of different levels. 

And when one freelancer does a great job, the client's confidence in all freelancers grows. It's likely that the client will hire a couple more to get a few other things done ... and so on. 

I'm not afraid of the competition. Freelancers who are more experienced and successful than me are likely already booked out. They won't be competing for the same jobs. 

In fact, I haven't applied for any new jobs on Upwork for months, because I'm booked out by my current clients and those who approach me directly via an invitation. 

And I'm happy to help out freelancers who are less experienced than me. I like to learn by teaching others. We're all in the same boat. 

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