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Feb 09, 2019 21:22:40

Hit by sickness

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Today it is really hard to write I am being sick. Looking at the screen is so uncomfortable. Actually doing anything outside of my bed pretty sucks.  

Running nose, headache, sneezing, the flu hits me at its best. A few days ago I told myself that it's so good I haven't been sick for a long time. And now I got it. Good job Efran, haha. It was probably just a matter of time because of really cold days the recent weeks.  

I am just happy it's a weekend time and I don't need to do anything. Just drinking tea, sleeping, taking some medicine and repeat. The tissues usage is enormous a few more trees die just because of me, I am really sorry. I am gonna recycle at least, haha.

I am sorry about this crying post but my brain is not working today I simply cannot write something more profound (at least I can blame the flu haha).

Hopefully, it's gonna get better tomorrow. It must otherwise I kill myself (just kidding).

Okay, I am going to sleep again otherwise my head would blow up. Goodnight. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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    @efran - I am the same today. Brilliant idea for a post.

    Keni avatar Keni | Feb 09, 2019 15:48:16
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