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Mar 29, 2019 17:00:10

Hello by @aravnarula

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Feb 15, 2019 01:17:51 @aravnarula 

"Words can be as powerful to support them"

Hello. I'm Arav Narula. Just a normal developer trying to make Changes in the world. Today, I'm gonna talk about I find nice and bad.

People seem to ingorge the people in need when it comes to homeless, Poor, And Other(s).

Thesse people are starving, Hungury, Want a job? They're all that and more. They're humans too, and we should help them.

Helping them can be a simple as giving them food, water, a job. They're humans like us and they need our help.

They need our help to survive. Now Imagine you in there place, you're lucky to be reading this and saying I'm not poor, Their fault.

Well, Did you know that most homeless can be kids? Imagine KIDS, Just seeing a kid being homeless. That's what THE WORLD IS.

Everyone should help, a Doller, a Job, a Food, A Whatever that helps them, Shelater, Sweaters, etc.

So next time help people, don't run, don't hide! They're like us, and they're humans.

Be Brave and Kind :)

Thanks for Reading this and I Hoped you learned something nice, and helpful.

#Helpinneed #foodtohomeless #helpthem

Words can be as powerful to support them.

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