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Jun 24, 2019 15:29:41

Hell Yeah and Gut Feelings

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So in the previous post I talked about Hell Yeah. 

And what I'm saying about Hell Yeah is this.

I'm not a partner of the team I recently joined. But, I know that I will be. And usually I think people feel like they'd be scared of saying such. It's like when someone likes somebody else but they can't say it because that might scare them off.

In this case, it's like, I don't think I would ever want to partner with someone with whom I can make such calculating decisions on. In this case, I'm just hell yeah I want to work with these people not just for them. And if its unrequited, it doesn't matter to me. Because in a weird way, when you unconditionally want to work with someone or love them, their feelings towards you really don't matter. That's what I think true love is.

The other kind of love that's more calculated is less akin to love and more similar to transactions. A bargain. 

I feel like I know the difference between the two, because I've gone between both many times in my life. And I've gone through both kinds with varying degrees of outcomes. I think if you've only done one or the other, it's hard to see what's what.

If you can't just say what you love and what you intend to do... it's probably because you're scared of the outcome. You're scared that if the outcome is 'failure' that you'll feel like a fool for professing such a love.

But in my view. Not committing in such a way is the failure. This is not to say go and commit fully to the first thing that passes in front of you. But when something does make both your gut, heart, and brain feel some type of way. Don't let fear control your language and expression.

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