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Jul 02, 2019 14:55:21

Happy new (twelve week) year!

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Rosie Odsey

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I follow the twelve week year goal framework. Heck, any framework will do but this book came into my life around the time I was searching for some structure.

I have an awesome accountability buddy named Kalia. I met her through the Goal Crafters slack. We report into each other weekly via Slack and we recently talked on the phone for the first time. We're about to enter our third twelve week year as accountability buddies and it seemed worthwhile.

Week 1 started yesterday and I'm still yet to finalise my goals!

Here's what I have so far:

Goal #1 Pay off the GO Mastercard

because holy heck that fucking interest


  • Get the emergency fund to $500
  • Pay off and close the GO Mastercard ($3,250)
  • Open an ING Business Optimiser
  • Make sure both bank accounts are on monthly statements
  • Complete budgeted client hours
  • Complete daily bookkeeping rituals
  • Complete weekly bookkeeping ritual
  • Complete monthly bookkeeping ritual
  • Complete quarterly bookkeeping ritual
  • Set up Xero
  • Call Go to negotiate the interest rate
  • Call NAB to negotiate the interest rate
  • Call Westpac to negotiate the interest rate

Weekly measures:

  • Tactic execution
  • % to monthly revenue target
  • % to debt target
  • % to emergency fund target
  • Revenue MTD
  • Expenses MTD

Goal #2 Time block like a ninja

because I need boundaries



Weekly measures:


Goal #3 something something reflection

because TODO


  • start the day with handwritten journalling and meditation
  • close out the working day with a no-phone walk
  • TODO

Weekly measures:



If you've set something similar to goals 2 and 3, I'd love your input!

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    @rosieodsey I also start my day with some journalling and mediation. I keep track of my habits in the journal too. Just some little tick boxes. That works quite well.
    Also doing the after work walk with some music only and I'm loving it.

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Jul 02, 2019 06:45:07
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      @juliasaxena So glad to hear others doing this too. I track my habits in a few places but none are in a notebook. Hopefully I can make the walk work.

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 03, 2019 19:40:37
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    @rosieodsey I've read the "12 week year " book last year. After one trial I completely forgot about it. I might try this again. Right now, I have a similar goal with you on Goal #2 about Time blocking since I found myself getting distracted a lot on browsing social media. I'll be using again the Pomodoro Technique + Deepwork concepts by Cal Newport

    Chris 🤔🇵🇭 avatar Chris 🤔🇵🇭 | Jul 02, 2019 13:31:10
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      @chrisdeuda Nice! I tend to use Focusmate (50 on 10 off on video call) or Work Cycles (40 on 10 off on group video call / in a chat room) instead of traditional pomodoros. Loved deep work with Cal Newport. That's exactly why I'm doing the time blocking.

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 03, 2019 19:39:42
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      @rosieodsey Thanks for mentioning the Focusmate. That tool seems cool and worth exploring. Though my introvert self not sure yet about video thing. haha. I'll definitely explore more about it. This seems that the next level of the Pomodoro.

      Chris 🤔🇵🇭 avatar Chris 🤔🇵🇭 | Jul 03, 2019 20:52:45
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      @chrisdeuda Definitely try it! Do three sessions and then reassess. It's only weird until it's normal! haha

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 04, 2019 08:32:53
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