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Aug 14, 2019 23:58:29

Happiness is happiness

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Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing ghost. ( from Anna in Notting Hill

#1 future happiness > present happiness

Since I'm little, wherever in home or at school, I am frightened by my parents and teachers that the moment I enjoy myself at the present means that I'll lose chances to earn much more happiness in the future. 

But when I am older enough to make my own decisions and free to entertain myself,  I realize that I grow up to such a normal human that there is no possibilities to save the world to sacrifice my own enjoyments, the happiness lost in the past are still the irreplaceable regrets.

#2 senior happiness > cheap happiness 

It's guilty to admit you are happier to have a great meal other than a great book. Delicious food, exciting movies, crazy computer games, funny jokes, ... all are regarded as cheap happiness, personal entertainments compared to self-improvement hard workings like philosophy books, elegant arts, disciplined writings. 

However, no one except yourself has the right to rank your happiness or criticize your happiness should be replaced with a senior way, becuase the cost and value of your time is incomparable, the happiness you feel now is true.

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