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Jun 16, 2019 23:52:45

Hair and teeth

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Hair and teeth, as well as barber and dentist are my two troubles. However, combing and eating, neither could be avoided every day. The common problem is that when I look at the mirror, it tells me there are problems with my hair and teeth.

Hair, long straight black hair, too soft and too thick to shape it into a beautiful style. Most importantly, I have no ideas how to find the most suitable one for myself. 

" You hair are beautiful, and it's rare that you keep it in such a natural way." The barber would say so. " Thank you. Maybe because I cut my hair only once a year and never do something else with it so far." I usually answer in shy.

Teeth, one with a big black hole, should be fixed years earlier. The biggest fear is that I don't want to arrange an appointment with a dentist. 

"It's a big hole, how many years has it appeared? Why did it take so many years to come to see me?" The dentist would ask so. " Sorry, maybe because I am too afraid to see a dentist though it has been brothering me when I am eating." I would answer in guilty.

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