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Sep 04, 2019 10:29:14

Hack Week: Day 2

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Sarah Hum

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Pretty productive day yesterday!

We finished mapping out the full flowchart. It took a while and hurt our brains but we got it done. 

From there, we had to translate the flow into something that will work for the interactive version of it. We made a trip to Safeway and grabbed some Sticky Notes so we could lay it out and move things around. Sometimes, analog is the best way to go!

Meanwhile, Andrew built the boilerplate for the interactive experience. Definitely had some communication issues here which meant we had to backtrack a bit. Lesson learned! 

Dan worked on mapping the right content to the interactive screens that we'll have. Some great collaboration going on!

Since the project is pretty design-heavy, I spent most of my time in Illustrator. We want to have a full, downloadable view of the flowchart. I also need to design the individual screens as well.

Most of the project should really start coming together today. A big part we haven't tackled yet is the actual content in each node. That'll take some extra brain power, especially because Elen is out of commission (she unfortunately got sick just before the retreat). 

Day three. Let's do this! 

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