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Jul 03, 2019 19:05:03

Grey's Anatomy

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Yesterday I wrote about Stargate, I thought why not write about another Series I am regularly watching.

What, you are a man! You can't watch Grey's Anatomy! Why?

Sure the series is made of Drama, Romantic and more Drama. In between, there are some Medical Phrases and more Drama. But why is it that society thinks only women can enjoy such a series?

I have watched a Hospital-based series before, Dr House even made me go and work as a paramedic. I wouldn't be where I am now without Dr House. But the medical factor is just one factor.

I enjoy series with a deep character base, with characters you can feel connected, with backstories that seem plausible and a somewhat possible storyline.

Sure, Stargate doesn't really have "deep" characters, but always looking movies and tv shows with characters you have to keep track of their children aren't always entertaining. Sometimes you need "light" shows were you don't need to think much about it and just enjoy.

Watching TV is there to enjoy it and sometimes escape reality. When I was I child I even dreamed about going through the Stargate myself.

Well, I am getting distracted, I wanted to write about Meredith and her problems. :)

But I won't continue, I only at Season thirteen, if I remember correctly, so you're probably way ahead of me, and I don't want to bore you with some stuff that happened years ago. :)

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