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Sep 09, 2019 17:00:07

Graphic Design Student by @gilbertocontreras

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Jan 04, 2019 10:22:37 @gilbertocontreras 

"I want to grow as a person and create a difference in my community"

I have always been a music lover, but as I grew up I saw the competition and the challenge within the industry. I bought my own trumpet, recording equipment, audiophile headphones, and audiophile stereo set. Now I am a Graphic Design student on his 5th year with a year left. I see the future dim, yet dim enough to continue out of uncertainty. The light gets dimmer as I get closer to graduation as I have no great work to show. I have work, but work that I feel proud to show is dim. I see Starbucks as a brighter option, but a dead end to dim light. What light can I follow if none seem brighter than the other? I feel like I am in limbo between what to do with my life. Which light to choose? Which light will shine brightly with the passion to light up a long life? Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. Where do I stop? Only time will tell as that is what everyone says! I don't want to guess the path I should take! I want to grow as a person and create a difference in my community where I can actually help those around my community.

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