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Jul 11, 2019 19:32:39


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Today I read about some successful niche project. Still, it's a pretty hard job, a lot of investments into the content. I couldn't afford to put so much into it.
Anyway, It gave me a little motivation push to work on my project, so I started to research for my first bigger post. 
Yesterday I tried the oldest motivational procedure and I wrote down my goals which should be achieved until a specific date. It can work, who knows I have never tried that before haha.
I wrote down how much money monthly I wanna earn and how much money I wanna have on my saving account until a specific date (1st of February, 2020). I put down the exact amounts.
I guess it's doable even though pretty high. if I take in mind that I do not earn anything now haha. 
You know I have read a lot of motivational / self-help books. Let's get back to basics and try good old goals. I placed the sheet of paper in my closet so I am gonna have it every morning in front of my eyes. Maybe it will work haha.
Wish me luck.
Stay with me. Efran.

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