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Jun 20, 2019 17:05:38

Getting help on Social Media

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Would you use a forum to get some feedback from people that you have never met?

I believe that the biggest Advantage of social media is to be active on all of the channels and to get as much information as possible.

Today i asked on Reddit about some courses that people would recommend me for Digital Marketing.

I would also ask the 200WAD community the same question which is: Would you recommend me some courses for Digital Marketing and Social Media management?

Or any blog of some sort i know about Neil Patel and some other random dudes that are online.

So would you use social media to ask people and get their feedback in the most positive way?

Would you use social media to ask all of the people that you follow about a certain issue or something that came up to your head?

I actually did that and let's see if there are many "trolls" on Reddit as they are telling me or there is a nice community of marketers that would like to help eachother online.

Another question i wanna ask you if you know more writing communities like this online? Like where can you get some help if you are stuck in the writing industry?

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    @berkan I would (ask)! I do (ask) If you are prepared to filter, there are gems (and turds :-)))

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 20, 2019 19:26:24
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      @lucjah Yeah, you are correct :)

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Jun 21, 2019 12:10:25
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