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Mar 11, 2019 11:43:57

Gaining vs. draining energy

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Julia Saxena

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Did you ever notice that some things seem very easy for you, while others are struggling with them?

For example, you might be a pro at coding and learning the different language of code was a breeze for you. At the same time, somebody else might be trying hard to do the same.

You could be coding for hours and really enjoying yourself while someone else just wants this assignment to end.

I'd call this the difference between activities which give you energy and drain your energy:

When you do something that you are good at, you get into a flow kind of state. You don't even realize that the time is passing by fast. When you're done, you won't feel drained, but rather proud of what you have achieved. The activity has given you energy.

Compare this to doing something you don't like and don't feel you're good at. You struggle through it, and it feels uncomfortable. Often, this involves activities with other people and variables out of your control. Your energy is drained fast, and you feel exhausted.

It might not be entirely possible to avoid the energy-draining type of activities, but you can certainly try to limit them once you've identified them. 

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