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Jun 28, 2019 23:15:05

Fruits and sports

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Fruits and sports are both rare in my daily life. 

The two have one common: when you are eating fruits or doing sports, you can't work or read at the same time; after that, your hands or body would be sticky, washing couldn't be avoided. Both annoy me: I like working in dry.

Eating fruits is in my blacklist. 

Every time it's a marathon for me to explain clearly that I really dislike fruits instead of being impolite. Especially in hot summer, wherever I go, watermelons are cut into pieces on the table as the necessary treatment for visitors. The reason why people get crazy about it is the same reason why I hate it: too juicy and sweet to eat. Each bite springs out sticky juice with the sound "hua~", that sicks me.

Doing sports is out of my choices as well.

I was born to be fatty though very slender now. An accident illness in my 12 has taken away my overweight fat,  since then I have been keeping slim and healthy. So exercises have done nothing for my figure. Ironically, I hate sports while eating a lot as if I was still that fat little girl joked by classmates as "pig".  My figure has changed but not my life style.

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