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Jun 26, 2019 07:04:58

Freelance confessions

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I'll be honest ...

I'm still not making the same amount of money as a freelancer yet as in my last corporate job. It's close, though. 

And I'm still far away from my target of 10k a month. 

But I'm fully ok with that. 

I've taken on clients who aren't paying the rates that I'd love to have. (They are fun to work with though.)

And that's ok too because I'm getting something else that's more valuable to me right now.

Learning and experience.

I feel like I'm still in a kind of an experimenting phase. I'm figuring out my niche, the type of clients I want to serve, the type of work that I want to really specialize in. 

I'm soaking up all the learning and experience that I can get. 

Everything takes me one step further on this journey. 

I'm not setting a strict deadline for myself, not even a hard target. That has never really worked for me. 

Instead, I'm concentrating on delivering great work every day. Learning as much as I can. Being as helpful as possible. 

If I do that, success should follow automatically. And the rest will figure itself out along the way. 

No pressure. 

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    @juliasaxena Great attitude!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 26, 2019 05:56:48
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