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Mar 20, 2019 21:03:32

Forward is forward

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"Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward."

It's a heat discussed quote of getting motivated I found on Reddit today alongside a picture of a crawling tortoise. Someone wrote a comment that deeply touched me: 

"Tell that to many aspects of life that don't give a shit how you're motivating yourself. Shit like this, while technically true, is setting you up for failure. The world is not wise enough to heed it's own advice and is wired to spite itself and create an air of 'hunt or be hunted' for which slowness is counter-productive to any progress you might make."

Compared to people always encourage you to hold your passions towards life, I prefer someone just point out that I am setting up for failure.

I have realized that I always couldn't catch up the pace of being successful, which means I could but I made wrong choices at each turning point. I am still in progress everyday, but not sure where to go, where my motivation ends, where I could find relief and settle down to forgive the mistakes I made before and not jealous for others' bigger achievements in their younger age.

When everyone is rushing forward to the goal which is defined as security, happiness,  and success. I just couldn't take action.

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