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May 22, 2019 17:00:03

Focus on the outcome by @rubenvilar

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Jan 23, 2019 00:28:25 @rubenvilar 

"Understand and measure your outcomes"

The usual focus of project management is delivery, it is specifically focused on the "deliverables", the output. The output is what is created at the end of a process. Your outputs might be features finished, ads published, emails sent, or whatever stuff you do during your day. The output is what you and your organization produce, without consider the value or impact it has in your users or customers.

Rather than focusing on the output, great organizations are focused on the outcome. They focus on the goal they want to achieve or impact their products have. An outcome is the level of performance or achievement that occurred because of the outputs you deliver.

Outcome measures are a more appropriate indicator of effectiveness and success.

The perception that it is too hard or impossible to measure outcomes stop organizations from collecting key outcomes data. This makes it difficult to demonstrate how your organization is achieving its mission. It also means that you could make decisions that may not have an impact on quality and value for the users.

Understand and measure your outcomes is much more important than implement process and plans, than document your work, more important than delivery whatever you do.

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