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Aug 13, 2019 21:00:34

First Words by @james12

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Feb 06, 2019 10:43:44 @james12 

"200 words of pretty much exactly nothing at all."

I have always been interested in writing, I'd like to think I'm fairly okay at it too. This 200 words a day challenge is going to be interesting, I hope I'm able to keep it up for some time.

I will use it to write random rants or opinions. 

Perhaps I'll use it to draft emails that I have to send to clients anyway. Who knows, it's 200 words.

Today's test is to get a feeling for precisely how many words 200 is so that going forward I know exactly how much writing is required.

I am to write continuously and non stop. That way this will A) not take me longer than it should, B) Be a little easier C) Wont be over thought or too overly structured.

I'm excited about doing this. Wow, 200 words is certainly longer than I thought. I had not anticipated it to be quite this many words. Who even reads this stuff? Certainly not me. I doubt I'm even going to read this before I click publish.

Perhaps 150 words were better. Maybe even 100. I'm 21 words away from completing this jolly thing for the first time. 200 words of pretty much exactly nothing at all. Finally done. 

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