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Aug 03, 2019 21:37:30

Fear Kills

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Fear kills more dreams than failure.

Being afraid to attempt something will destroy more of your aspirations for future achievement than actually trying that thing and falling flat on your face.

Fear has a purpose -- it's supposed to keep us out of danger.

It worked great our ancestors were walking through the wilderness and every rustle of grass could be a signal of an approaching predator.

But in modern times we have far fewer sharp-toothed predators stalking us from the high-grass, and all of our fear triggers have lowered the bar a bit from their original settings and seem to operate on a hair trigger.

Instead of just trying to protect us from major life-threatening situations, our fear now tries to save us from minimally embarrassing situations.

Our instincts are trying to "save us" from failing in public.

Our fear trigger cannot differentiate between something that might kill us and something that might make us look so silly that we'd merely wish we were dead.

As reasoning beings of the modern age -- we need to take a moment to separate our imagined fears from our logic-based reality.

The next time the fear is telling you to pull back and keep yourself safe, ask yourself "Safe from what?"

If the answer is that you'll be safe from experiencing a failure, or looking silly, or people laughing at you, reason out just how likely it is that these things will happen if you happen to fail.

As yourself "what is the absolute worse thing than could possibly happen" if you proceeded with your plan. 

If it won't actually kill you -- and you believe in the potential of the concept -- I think you should go ahead and make the attempt. Risk looking silly in public and give it a shot.

If you fail -- you'll know that this plan didn't work.
Try another plan.
And then another.
And then another.

You will get better and better with each subsequent attempt -- and you'll likely feel less and less fearful and more and more confident because your efforts will improve over time (lessening your chances of failure).

Kill your fears.
Don't let your fears kill your dreams.

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