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May 27, 2019 18:23:19

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5sec post (OK a little bit longer). Don't have time today. Need to go boxing and after the lesson, I am definitely gonna be lazy to write something. Mondays are cruel nothing really to look forward just pure work. Anyway today finally some success at my work. The paywall is already working. I had to buy a new plugin and their support was a little bit better than the previous one. Still slow to answer but at least some answers hehe. 

We made the test mode working and today I turned on the live mode. I haven't tried it yet but it should work. The customers gonna test it hehe. 

Anyway, I wouldn't imagine that the process will be so slow. Really hard time with the Wordpress and Woocommerce. Fortunately with the successful ending.

I can move on with the e-commerce site now a little and actually do some marketing. Finally some fun. I will start with the emailing we have a lot of contacts. I can do all by myself so it will be freestyle. Starting tomorrow. 

That's it. I really need to go. Let the stress go out of my body. Thanks to the boxing bag. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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