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Mar 25, 2019 22:00:07

Fake is Fine by @ijimothy

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Jan 02, 2019 17:12:25 @ijimothy 

"Fake is fine...when you know it."

Just about everything you see online today is fake. Sure you can find genuine people, have real interactions, but the stuff at the top is completely artificial. In fact it's position at the top of your timeline or feed is there because of a calculation either by the system itself (Twitter's timeline bump) or by human interaction (ads, YouTube's trending, optimization, ECT.).

Fake reaches into everything from copy of posts, to the hashtags, to images and videos uses. Everything is astroturfed and artificial and that's fine. What medium isn't? Television? Music? Art? Everything is edited, filtered, refined and optimized.

The problem is when we get too good at it, then we can't tell the difference. We really believe that the freelancer on YouTube owns that house just by selling stickers (and they'll teach you how!). We believe the progress pics, the stacks of books, ECT. We live trying to live in a painting or believing our favorite rapper has done everything they say they have.

A stellar social presentation is great. It's a billboard for what to expect. It lets me know what I want, as a potential follower, without playing 20 questions. Fake is fine...when you know it. 

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