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Once upon a time....in a land far, far away...lived a princess Grace in Golden kingdom.

Grace was a normal princess but when she was sixteen right the time before she should start looking for her husband and a new king. She got new shoes for her birthday. She really liked her shoes so since then she never wanted to take them off but the shoes were bewitched and as soon as she loosed a lace on one of her shoes. Nobody could tie her lace because just true love could. So she keeps falling down and her body and her face were one big bruise. Because of that, she looks so ugly and no prince wants to marry her. In the whole kingdom was nobody who could help. 

Princes keep coming but as soon as saw the princess always run away and on the way back to their kingdoms were talking about an ugly princess from Golden kingdom. So it slowly happens that nobody comes.

The King and the Queen were so desperate cuz if her only daughter couldn't marry anyone the kingdom would be done. 

Fortunately, the nice gardener once was doing something on the palace gardens and he saw desperately crying princess Grace. He was a really nice guy so wasn't afraid of the ugly princess, he sat next to her and without any hesitation help her to tie her shoelace and after that give her a really big kiss. 

Grace was so surprised and cannot say a word after a few days her bruises started healing up and Grace was becoming nice again. She married the brave gardener. The kingdom was saved and they lived happily ever after.


Stay with me. Efran. :))))

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