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Jan 26, 2019 11:01:40

Fail story - E-commerce project - Part 2

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... aaand the bags arrived on the 15th of January. Not so good time to start selling website. I mean it wouldn't harm to get the bags a little later with the proper test of the sample cuz I didn't catch the Christmas season anyway.

So I started promoting my website I did it through the social media (Facebook, Instagram). I was sending samples to youtube influencers, the target audience was simply there (funny story about influencers, after a few youtube reviews I was actually getting emails from others who wanted to review my bags as well, I was nice and usually I sent bags for free, but it had been happening that they weren't real YouTubers they just using fake emails of the name the actual YouTuber to get a free bag, I had never double checked that in the beginning cuz I didn't think people could do it for 10 dollars bag, haha, but yeah be aware of that if you would cooperate with influencers). I was even giving my bags like a winning price in my friend's sports events.

The margin was around 50% (6 USD per piece) but to be honest, the math behind it wasn't too profound and if I am thinking about it now, the margin was definitely much lower.

Everything looks like a happy ending at this moment. I got some sales. People around supporting me I was quite happy about myself. But then everything changed cuz the bags started to break. The bags were well made, the fabric was great, but there was just one little flaw with the strings attachment which ruined everything and I would say 5 of 10 bags break. It wasn't breaking after a while but almost right away after a few days of using and what was the worst it couldn't be fixed (easily).

To be honest, I didn't stop selling cuz I still had bags on stock and I needed at least to get rid of it haha. To make it clear I could check the bag before I send it to the customer and make sure I don't send the bad one. Still, I couldn't say 100% if that is a good or bad piece. So, of course, I was getting some complaint.

and If there is no happy customer and I cannot fix it, of course, the project going to fail and I would say the main reason it failed is that I lost the passion for it, and will to continue because of all the problems. You cannot even do good marketing if you are not trusting your own product.


to be continued


Stay with me. Efran.

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