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Aug 22, 2019 11:00:06

Exercise and resolve by @johnmcgeehan

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Jan 02, 2019 21:55:13 @johnmcgeehan 

"swept up in the rush of her enthusiasm"

Excited to jump into the new year with fresh enthusiasm and goals! My gift to my wife of a bike-share membership has succeeded beyond my modest expectations. And I find myself swept up in the rush of her enthusiasm to ride everywhere - kick-starting my new year exercise regime. I've got to key it up a bit and add some core strengthening to my daily Tai Chi and whatever bike riding I can fit in my day. Or wake earlier and get into a regular cycling habit on a circuit along the waterfront. Necessity drives the cheap route, so home weight-training and calisthentics it is!

New routine (daily):

- Tai Chi and stretch

- 6 mile bike ride along the river

- alternate weights and calisthentics routines from the "Fighting Fit" boxing workout book

- bike whenever and wherever possible

- get off the subway a few stops early and bike the rest of the way when possible

- 6 glasses water daily

- timed stands and stretches from seated work

- alternate standing desk work

- carry bike helmet to encourage more bike riding when in regular transit

Although I know that New Year is a common time to make resolutions and fail to keep them past the first month, I plan to use some time-tested methods to make it stick!

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