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I watched this video - a book summary of the 4 disciplines of execution. 
It mentions how we need 3 things in order to effectively execute on a goal. 

1) Focus on WIG (Wildly important goal)
What is the one achievement would make everything else secondary?
From X to Y by Z.

2) Measure the lead
What is the thing that you can influence every day/week towards the WIG?
Critical day-day activities that lead to the desired results of going from X to Y. 

3) Identify the Lag results
This is the result(the Y) that you want to see or monitor to show progress. 

To understand these three ideas, I worked on identifying them for 200wordsAday

1) The W.I.G. is 

Increasing the Active members from the 100 - 2000 by end of summer?
Having people coming back to post often. Daily may not be necessary but a few times a week? 

2) Measuring the lead behavior

- Total # of daily posts
- Total # of comments
- Total # of shares
- Total # of people with streaks 

3) The Lag Result

- Increased # Of Active users
- Increased # Of recurring users
- Increased # Of Users with 30+ posts

@basilesamel - Is this right? 

What can we (current active members - streak or not) do to help with the lead and lag results?

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    "What is the one achievement would make everything else secondary?
    From X to Y by Z."

    I think for 200Wad the WIG is not only just active community. I think the active community must be tied to some level of success.

    Similarly to how in the past siliconvalley/YC startups weren't just 'pals'. They had some linkeage to success/purpose/drive.

    So I think the WIG of 200WAD has to tie community to something related to purpose/success. In the site's headliner it says it's about empowering people to write books -- mightve changed since i joined? But I like that as a measure of success. It doesn't have to be a literal book but I thiknk the WIG would be such an active community that it brings people who want to write books/other-meaningful-csontent to actually follow through and execute on that.

    This is why YC is revered. People don't want to join YC because of the weather or craft beer with other like minded folks or whatever else amenities. There's a reason why the other amenities exists and that's cause they want to execute on their business.

    So I think the WIG of 200wad should be that it helps and shows that people are executing on their shit, which in this case is writing... and i'd go as far to say that in the beginning it might be just writing to write, but in the end it seems like writing not just to write but to create.

    Abe avatar Abe | Apr 26, 2019 14:25:44
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      @abrahamKim - I would have to agree.
      "To Create" - sounds like a perfect WIG.
      @basilesamel - See Abe's comments.

      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 26, 2019 12:33:23
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    @keni it basically comes down to keep on posting and keep on interacting with others, which you are already doing very well :P Maybe try to get friends on board? It's up to you :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 25, 2019 11:40:46
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