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Mar 16, 2019 11:18:05

Everything begins with pizza

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My memory of Pizza begins as my first comfortable private dinner with my sister on a bright weekend. We all grow up only obliged to have meals at home or school restaurant by threatened that it's a sin to eat outside. In other words,  no fast food, no junk food, and of course no Pizza. As a result, though I am the person in other's eyes have an extraordinarily healthy diet benefit from my family eating tradition, my passion for deep-fried, high-sugar and ice-cold food has never disappeared.

As soon as my sister starts her working career, we dine outside regularly every available weekend. At first, we keep it a secret to our parents, finally, it's an open and supported activity and none could bother us anymore.

Other things come along unexpectedly within a month after eating outside with unhealthy food, like what to do before and after eating. With more and more activities added, it cost us a whole day at least.  One day, I realized that my common weekend pattern starts from waking up late and end with staying at home all day with my cellphone has gone, replaced with more colorful cloth, more positive attitude more encouragement to try something new, and more motivated workday later. 

Put simply, everything begins with pizza.

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