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Aug 26, 2019 00:00:38

Ever wanted to feel more productive?

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Brian Ball

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Some people are like me. They're on their computer all day.

Some of us have jobs. Others are freelance, working remote, or in some other way able to be at home. 

The problem: We have too much time online. There are only a few things more enjoyable than being online and you can only exercise a couple of hours max.

However, though we're online much of the day, we feel like we want to be MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Why is that? ( feel free to comment the solutions you've come across )

However, I shared an idea with Dante Lex, a product designer I met in wip.chat, one of the online communities I'm part of.

I thought it'd be fun to crowdsource a list of activities that take less than 20 minutes. The goal being that we could see something on the list that we hadn't thought to do. Then, we simply go do it -- and pat ourselves on the back for completing another task.

Would you might looking at the list and adding some of your own?

What are some things you do?

What are some tasks that satisfy that compulsion to feel productive?

How do you approach being and feeling productive ( assuming you've only got 20 minutes worth of attention to do a thing )

Feel free to riff on ideas, insert fun tasks, or in any other way add your humanity.

The start is a simple google spreadsheet shared publicly.

Add your < 20-minute tasks here

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    @brianball I think you helping someone organize their own spreadsheet of this based on their goals/values would be a good rocketmonth mvp

    Abe avatar Abe | Aug 26, 2019 13:04:18
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    @brianball I've added the littlest of tasks... dam*... this reminded me of my frustration on how most times I feel conflicted on what should I be doing for the 20-ish minutes I have to become better/ learn something/ be more productive ... I usually end up tidying something while a re-run is on TV x)

    Sara Silva avatar Sara Silva | Aug 26, 2019 06:02:36
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