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Jul 17, 2019 22:41:23

Edit My First Draft

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Valentino Urbano

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I'm going to try something different today.

As I've written on Slack it would be nice if people could edit each other's stories. I'll bite.

I'm writing a post about writing. The first draft is available on Google Docs for anyone to comment on and critique.


It's a 'guide' for aspiring writers. I explore what worked for me, how to get ideas[^1], how to write your first draft and I touch slightly on how to edit it. It is not ready.

I'm planning to write a different article about editing since it's such a big topic.

Feel free to be honest. I don't bite. I also won't take anything personally.

Mostly let me know if it's something anyone would be interested in for the future. While we wait for Basile (not a complaint obviously, software development takes time) we could start critiquing our own work.

Obviously, we are not editors, but we're still a different pair of eyes than who wrote the story. That usually can catch many problems and mistakes that get overlooked.

The Google Docs is going to be up for at least 7 days. After that, I plan to publish it on my and here when I feel that it's good enough.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and feel free to share yours with the community.

[^1]: I already wrote about this, but this a more high-level view.

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    @valentino awesome! :D

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 18, 2019 04:08:08
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