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Aug 14, 2019 21:52:11

early trip to...

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Familiar exit from the motorway (or is it highway, or actually a peripherique, as it goes on the outskirts of Tricity...), but we go the OTHER direction, not towards the airport. 

Then a shortcut thru a gas station.

Then the underground parking. Today it's easy, we park on one of these huge blue slots right by the entrance. I grab the trolly and line it with two blankets. A little nest. For two little birds. 

All the elevator buttons are ours (fortunately the yellow escapes its dramatic fate.

Then the ticket: A 069. Surprisingly fast considering the starting number was A 061. But we were prepared. Fruit bars and a game while still nesting.

The lady receiving returns smiles and gives them cute stickers with tigers. She deals with us fast, efficiently and really friendly. We wish her a very good day.

And freedom. Red tent. Yellowish house. Green tunnel. White spinning chair.

You can take one thing each, choose what you want, just the size needs to be smaller then... "A LITTLE WOLF!" "Ok, and you?" "Hmmmm.... Uhmm... Erghmmm... little wolf...?"

Back on the track. Lunch then...

No. No meatballs... no chicken nuggets... no carrot cakes... The queue spills out far beyond railings. Well, we will call grandpa and ask for his famous spagetti. 

And back on "the path".

The red and blue plates. The green and yellow bowls. The rainbow colours utensils. The 8 colour paints. 6 brushes set.

And, yes, the very goal of the trip, the cupboard!

"We want chocolate!!!" "Ok... after."

Nice assistant, 1,5 minutes, buy order in the hand.









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    @lucjah - success! ( I'm now as tired as you must have been. )

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 14, 2019 14:14:17
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