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Dec 19, 2018 23:53:37

Driving Towards the Video Store

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Sir Abe

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We were driving to a video store in the middle of nowhere. Some small town I’d never heard of. Now that Jordan was actually doing her fast, it was hard to come up with a place to go and hang out. Almost all social places featured eating and drinking as the main attraction. So going to a video store made sense. I don’t know how she'd found out about it. But I wasn’t surprised that she had, given her new found free time. It seemed just the quirky thing for her to be into.

I wasn’t aware that a video store was still in operation around these parts. The last time I had been to one was back in high school. Even back then I had known that these dinosaurs were bound for extinction. Going there now though, I was filled with nostalgia. I thought of those days, what I had wanted so bad back then. Mainly I wanted to just be a cool guy. And being a cool guy back then meant having an attractive girlfriend. So while driving towards the middle of nowhere with Jordan, I imagined the past me looking at me now. Disappointed in a lot of what he saw in the rest of my life, but at least proud of what I had right now in that car piercing through the highway.

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