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Jul 31, 2019 21:44:44

Dreams, as in the kind you have when you sleep

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Daniel Miller

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I had a long complex dream this morning after I slept through four alarms. I don't remember a lot about it. I was in a very large elaborate compound. Many different rooms, all different, most large and poorly lit or hard to navigate in some weird way. Slides, obstacles. I was leading a group through it. Then when we got to the end of our journey, Carissa had forgotten a bag, and also she wanted to pick up a dog and a puppy we had passed on the way. So I went back through the labyrinth. Found the dog and puppy first. Got them to follow me. Found the bag plus one more she didn't remember forgetting. Then I came across our Uber driver from yesterday and some other guy and they were listening to some song I had recorded. We were on some large concrete balcony in a large concrete structure of some sort. The other guy was really into it and our Uber driver knew it was my song. It wasn't an actual song I've written or recorded, although it had the distorted spoken word from American Dream Town (second version) in it. I remembered the melody when I woke up but now I forget it. It was a piano song. I don't play the piano.

I'm not sure about dreams, to be honest.

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