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May 08, 2019 06:54:58

Dreaming with Vincent

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So, here we are again at the "blank page of destiny" with nothing to write about as usual.  I am sure I had some ideas yesterday, earlier this morning, or even when I was dreaming about what to write.

I don't often dream actually and last night was an exception.  I even remember waking myself up from a dream that was slightly scary, where I was (or was witnessing) someone being stalked by a dark and evil spirit/ghost.  They, or I, we're getting ready to jump from a building or ledge for some reason and we're going through the motions of putting a backpack on over and over, getting ready for the plunge into the darkness and shadow.

I can remember hearing a deep, booming voice too, almost as if it was someone talking to me in the real world - it was quite loud and vivid.  Maybe a bit like the part of Michael Jackson's Thriller where Vincent Price talks at the end.

The other dreams I had have escaped me already, drifting into those thready thoughts that slip through your fingers as you try to grab at them.  I know that dreams live in your short term memory, which is why they are not easy to remember.  They disappear unless you are able to latch on to them and think about them more, which moves them to become more longer-term memories.

I am not sure why I do not dream that often, or rather I can't remember them - we all dream every night, but I seldom remember them.

My son can come down from sleeping and recount his dreams in detail to me and then still remember them weeks later.  Perhaps the differing sleep patterns between teenagers and older people mean fewer dreams?

ps: Thanks for letting me into the sanitorium that is #teamstreak.  I am starting to peel back the layers of this process now and have seen that the community and support here is amazing.  Mental note to myself: I need to read and interact more with other 200wad people and posts.  Start spreading the love.



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