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Jul 07, 2019 16:14:33


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Hahaha so here we are again/. I just wanna keep writing with this app.

Today is my third day of holidays (weekend +  one-day national holidays)

I cannot really get used to more days off if I am talking about my productivity. Better to say more days off I got lazier I am. These three days were especially really bad and I was feeling weird but maybe you need to do it like that sometimes I can get the push some other day.

I didn't really move forward with my project. I am postponing all the daily habits until the very last minute. Just classic laziness. Hopefully, I am gonna do at least something hehe.

I wanna write at least 200 words to mark the checklist at least somewhere. Yeahs I am struggling a lot hehe. I am just gonna continue with no sense words. I just really wanna finish it.

I keep reading the LAte bloomers blook and it's awesome. It's not probably for everybody but I can really relate with the thoughts and it's kinda satisfying to read that I'm not alone but. yeah, I will finish it soon. OK .. 200 words done .. 

Take care see ya tomorrow.

This post is really bad one hehe.


Stay with me. Efran.

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