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Jun 24, 2019 15:21:47

Dr. Dre and Venture Capital

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Sir Abe

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I don't know which VC said it. But the saying is that you're should only invest in people -- note people not companies -- that you feel have a chance of exploding. There's no point in hedging your bets on people you think might do moderately well. Even then, the majority of an investor's bets will fail -- both miserably and fantastically.

I was once watching a Dr. Dre interview where he talked about the difference between making music and releasing it. Dre records all the time. He loves doing so for the sake of recording. What he releases is a different story. Dre said that he only releases records that he truthfully believes will be a smash hit. And of course we can verify that not everything released by Dre has been a smash.

I find a great lesson in this mentality. Derek Sivers packaged it concisely by saying only live life in a hell yes way. 

When I first got a recent job programming for a university, I appreciated the opportunity and also enjoyed the work. However, it was never a hell yes type of thing. And now I'm beginning to realize... maybe because of the way I was raised. I don't know, but like people having food allergies, I'm allergic to living a life not predicated on hell yeah. I cannot live happily and comfortably knowing that I'm just living a this is a fine tale to tell at a party and sound like a reasonable white collar person kind of life. I am only peaceful and tranquil while living and doing hell yeahs. This has nothing to do with money, although money will open and close the gates on what things can be considered hell yeah. But honestly, life's not long enough to spend any more time on things that aren't hell yeah than you need to.

If you have extra mouths to feed or health issues or other inescapable financial obligations. Sure. You can't have a 100% hell yeah life. Hell, maybe you can't even have a 1% hell yeah life. But you can at least spend .1 percent of your time in Hell yeah. So enjoy that. even if it's just .1 percent of your time spent there.

Because the .1 percent isn't the point. What I've learned from my past is that someone who's not willing to take .1 percent of a long-term reward is not ever going to become a person who deserves 1 percent, or 5, or 10, or 50 or so on. So go on and take that .1 percent. Not because .1 percent hell yeah of a day is a good amount. Hell it sucks! .1 percent of time is nothing. That's only 86 seconds a day. But the point isn't to enjoy those 86 seconds. I'm not saying carpe 86 seconds. I'm saying, get to know what hell yeah feels like for you, so that you might potentially secure more time spent in that zone in the future. 

I know. Nobody wants to hear this: but watching hours of TV is probably not hell yeah. This is not a bash on TV in general, just that it's good to watch tv to recharge in order to return to hell yeah. But if you're already recharged and the TVs still on... what the hell are you doing?

I act on what I feel and never deal with emotions

What's the Difference - Dr. Dre

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    @abrahamKim - I have tried to apply the Hell Yeah strategy ever since I found it some years back. The younger and healthier you are - the more applicable it is. Ironically, the older, busier and stressed you are - the more you need the hell-yeah mode to do things.

    I have to remind myself about that routinely and work harder at making it a default for me.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jun 24, 2019 16:05:22
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      Sicko mode

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jun 25, 2019 03:26:47
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    @abrahamKim Interesting observation. Speaking of tv, if you have HBO you might enjoy the four-part documentary called The Defiant Ones. The documentary follows the careers of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and is excellent.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 24, 2019 07:30:50
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      I have seen that. Dre doesn't give provide many public appearances so anytime there is one I always check it out.

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jun 24, 2019 20:53:06
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