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Dec 28, 2018 17:52:09

Don't hold back your ideas

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Valentino Urbano

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Many people think that:

- the numbers of ideas we generate are finite and once we use it all up the well is dry

- if we use up all of our ideas right away we'll end up with lower quality ideas or worse no ideas at all.

The thought of idea scarcity is bullshit.

Ideas are endless once you establish a process.

If you find yourself having a good idea don't put it aside thinking that it's something you should only do after you accomplished something else because you need to 'give it justice'.

*It would be good for an ebook, maybe when I become more proficient I can write it properly. The idea for this blog post is great, but maybe after I publish another article that I can link it from.*

Do it now.

If you get a good idea it doesn't mean that you won't have another one just as good.


Ideas matter relatively. A bad idea with great execution is way better than a great idea with terrible execution. That's not to say that ideas don't matter at all.

Everything starts as an idea, if we won't have them we would not start at all.

Execution is everything. Don't be jealous or possessive of your ideas.

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