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Jun 29, 2019 15:24:18

Do things without expectation

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For the first time I'm challenging this dogma that one should do without expectation. Forever I thought that the best way to do things was without expecting anything from someone else. And I do agree that once you've done something... then you should now no longer expect anything. 

However, this post examines the decision making of what one does. So before you do, how do you decide what to do. And in that situation, I think the best things to decide to do are the ones that have unexpected consequences. 

The term unexpected consequences usually denotes something bad and negative. But here I'm using it in a good way. Unexpected consequences and reactions is exactly what people crave nowadays. In terms of things like logistics, we want everything to be expected and reliable. 

However, the reason why we prefer to hang out with a person than an app... is because the people do unexpected things. People are very unexpectable*.

And so, it's not just do without expectation... it's do... and expect the unexpected. 

* If the people in your life feel as predictable as NPC video game characters  or a poorly developed characters in a shitty tv show, then you should start bettering yourself so that you can attract new people -- note it's not their fault, it's yours. Go better yourself. Go know yourself. Run your 26 miles.

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